The fame of engineering.

At Fame Engineering, we believe in precision and quality when it comes to our work. Being a turnkey contractor in designing, fabrication and installation of machinery for Palm Oil Mills, Fame Engineering has much to offer.

We build tough machines.

From every sketch to structure, we maintain the quality as well as the reliability of the output in a well-organized manner. With over 24 years of experience, we uphold our name through our work, as well as our satisfied clientele over the years.

Experts in our field.

We are fond of making success stories; Fame Engineering has been making various success stories for the past 27 years. From basic machinery to full fledged factories, we have the expertise to make sure the entire process runs smooth from start till finish.

“Fame Engineering has made the entire process simpler than we thought it would be.”

Mr. Tan Foong San


Palm Oils Malaysia Berhad

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